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Chris Valenti,  Jan Eberle,  Perky Peggy King,  Don Kennedy,  David Miller
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 Ronnie Allen,   Jeff Karpinski,   Harry and Edna,   Glenn Robison


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Peggy Kings 'Off The Cuff' aired on WYYR.com from June 2011 to September 2013 and presented over 50 guest stars. Peggy King is a televison star who was also the singer and actress on the 1950's George Gobel TV show. She also garnered one of the first 100 stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Pretty Perky Peggy King's Program, 'Off The Cuff'...

"The backstage stories that were never told!"

Peggy King's Star on the Hollywood Walk of FamePeggy KingPeggy and George GobelPeggy King

Off The Cuff was the creation of its Executive Producer and moderator Chris Valenti. After producing a live two hour special that aired 5/22/11 about the life of Pretty Perky Peggy King, Chris was inspired by Peggy. So he came up with the program idea and presented it to her. The rest is history.

This Is Your LifeRalph Edwards

Always a big fan of This Is Your Life with Ralph Edwards and all of its surprises, Chris made sure whenever a special situation presented itself he would try to incorporate this unique format into the program. The first one was during the May 2011 special. As a surprise to Peggy, Chris brought on Producer/Writer of the George Gobel show Hal Kantor at age 93. Certainly a memorable and touching moment for Peggy as she was overwhelmed. Less than six months later on 11/6 we lost Hal Kantor... a televison pioneer and genius. Here is that surprise with Peggy King & Hal Kantor (2 min);


Aside from working with Peggy, Chris always states the other most enjoyable moments were those he set up as This Is Your Life surprises. Reunions with friends she hadn't spoken to in over fifty years. Plus surprises also played on unsuspecting guests! Below are a few short clips from some of those moments.  

Surprises played on guests 

(1) On our special F Troop Reunion honoring Larry Storch's 90th, Larry was surprised to hear from his TV Captain Ken Berry! (2) From The Patty Duke Show, reuniting her with her TV dad William Schallert just celebrating his 91st, was a special time for both.

Larry StorchKen Berry       Patty DukeWilliam Schallert

(1) Larry Storch, Ken Berry        (2) Patty Duke, William Schallert

Surprises played on Peggy

Tab Hunter   joel   Ray Anthony   Rose Marie

Tab Hunter   Joel Grey    Ray Anthony    Rose Marie    

All of us here are at WYYR.com are extremely proud to learn from Peggy King that Off The Cuff played an integral part in getting her back in front of the public and doing what she enjoys most, singing. We want to thank Peggy for all of her time, talent, and generosity. Wwish her all the very best.

Click the guest stars name below to listen to a complete Off The Cuff program:

Tab Hunter, Joel Grey, Pat Boone, Rex Reed, Rose Marie, Peter Marshall, Robert Hays, John Byner, Shecky Greene, Dick Gautier, Kaye Ballard, Larry Storch with Ken Berry & James Hampton F Troop Reunion, Abbott and Costello ALL STAR Special, Will Jordan, Joyce Randolph, Eddie Foy III, Joe Franklin, Alan Copeland, Jess Rand, Monica Lewis, Debbi Whiting, Stephen Bogart, Bob Cologna, Patricia Morison, Darryl Hickman, Ruta Lee, Carleton Carpenter, Jane Kean, William Schallert, Patty Duke, Mamie Van Doren, Ray Anthony Richard Anderson

Peggy King and Chris Valenti

Peggy King & Chris Valenti in front of the Philadelphia Art Museum 10/21/11 

Visit the Official Pretty Perky Peggy King website!

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